Order a Half Model Boat
You can order a half model from this website and usual delivery time is 6 weeks
We can build a very accurate half model from a lines drawing of your boat

If you are not able to obtain the lines drawings of your boat we are able to build a half model from photos
These photos need to be taken directly square off the boat in profile view and looking straight down the centerline of the boat in section view when the boat is out of the water

We need photos of underwater section
s and on deck cabin and cockpit layout
The half model built from photos may differ a little from the original design but usually will resemble the boat closely enough that these differences are not recognizable

For us to be able to build identical replica
of your boat it is important for us to have as much information about the boat as possible including photos of boat colour and sign writing
This will enable us to ensure the design is correct and the colour scheam resembles your boat

We also place the sign writing
on your boat along with plaques that inform people about the specifications of your craft

The best way to get this information to us to complete the order form

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